Voorjaarsvergadering 25 april 2019

WAAR: Aula Schaubroeck in Nazareth
WANNEER: donderdag 25 april 2019
SPREKER:Dr. Lorenz Moser

Evidence – and experience-based efficient orthodontics from kindergarden to adulthood

In the last years, reduction of the overall treatment time has become a hot topic in orthodontics. While certain more or less invasive surgical approaches like corticotomies or microperforations seem to provide at least temporary acceleration of tooth movement, non-surgical vibration or low level laser gadgets don’t seem to contribute to clinically relevant differences. What does in fact influence the overall treatment time to a significant degree is to elaborate a sound diagnosis, to choose the right moment to start treatment (1 phase versus 2 phases), to select the appropriate appliance(s), and to manage both the appliance and the patient comprehensively.
Early appliance treatment is indicated for certain types of malocclusion like posterior crossbite and Class III, while early non-appliance treatment with a serial extraction protocol can be the best option for severe tooth-size/jaw-size discrepancies. Clinical cases and scientific evidence will be provided to illustrate these treatment concepts and to provide proof of their efficiency.
Another relevant topic which has caused a contentious debate in recent years is orthodontic management of agenesis patients, especially when teeth are missing in the sensitive aesthetic zone. Although the available literature tends to favour orthodontic space closure by canine substitution, Dr. Moser and his group have published studies about convincing aesthetic and periodontal stability of implant-borne crowns for missing lateral incisors, if this interdisciplinary treatment is performed by a skilled team and the patient is highly motivated.
The final section of the day is dedicated to complex interdisciplinary orthodontic treatments for adult patients who are often not only affected by severe malocclusions requiring combined orthodontic-surgical therapy, but who present additional periodontal disease and/or multiple tooth loss. Although an optimum treatment result may not be achievable for these patients, by close collaboration of all involved specialists from Day 1, predictable and rewarding treatment results can be obtained which contribute to a great improvement of the patients’ quality of life.
Learning objectives
– Understand all the benefits of simple early orthodontic treatments for unilateral crossbites and Class III malocclusion patients
– Master the concept of guided tooth eruption by serial extraction treatment and when to apply it
– Learn when and how to approach patients with congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors by either orthodontic space closure or space opening and implant borne crowns
– Understand how to plan and execute interdisciplinary treatments for complex adult malocclusions by close collaboration with the involved specialists from day 1
– Gain insight into the latest evidence-based scientific literature on the four topics
– Learn how to implement these straightforward treatment concepts and procedures for the routine daily work in the office

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IBAN: BE03 4419 0427 6184
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– najaar: 17 OKTOBER in de EXPO hal in GENT
2 sprekers: Claudia Aichinger (Austria) en Karin Becktor (Denmark)