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Najaarsvergadering 12 oktober 2017

WAAR: Aula Schaubroeck in Nazareth
WANNEER: donderdag 12 oktober 2017
SPREKER:? Professor Roland Männchen

Early vs. Late Treatment
Does early treatment (started in the mixed dentition) have any benefit when com-pared to late treatment (started in the permanent dentition)? Does an early correction of class II by extraoral forces and preservation/management of the leeway space result in less extractions, less incisor proclination, shorter treatment time, reduced need for full fixed appliances or lower treatment costs?
Preliminary results of an on-going cohort study are presented with illustrative clini-cal cases.

Anchorage Strategies and „Growth Modification“
An overview of different anchorage strategies and functional appliances is given with special respect to class II treatment. Wow much partial effect of dental and skel-etal changes can be expected in order to correct the class II? The side effects of dental compensation and their impact on the extraction decision are discussed.

Common Sense Based Treatment Planning
NonEx, Monomax Ex, Bimax Ex? Ortho-only or orthogantic surgery?
What are the guidelines for the establishment of a realistic treatment plan resulting in a solid occlusion, good function, appealing aesthetics and long-term stability?
Manoeuvring space, desired tooth movements and unwanted side effects, anchor-age, biomechanics and the choice of appliances are discussed and a deductive treatment planning decision scheme is presented.

Practical Treatment Planning Examples
Pre-treatment records of five patients are presented, different treatment plans are discussed in the audience and compared with the performed treatment and its out-come.

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